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Community Character Felt Masks

As a child, it’s easy to notice the good that comes from a community helper who might have helped them get better when they were sick, put out a fire or helped keep them and their families safe. After such an experience, kids will imitate and role-play helpful and kind acts during play time as their favorite community helpers. Make playtime a fun and positive experience with one of our community helpers costume masks.

Kids can dress up as their favorite doctor or nurse and help others get better. Maybe they prefer fire trucks and helping people learn about fire safety? With a firefighter felt mask, they can dress up and be inspired for creative play as a firefighter and help protect people. Community character felt masks are perfect for playtime, birthday parties, Halloween, stocking stuffers, school plays and so much more!

Use one of our community characters to help your child on career day at school. Career day costume felt masks can help them show everyone at school just how much they respect and look up to community helpers like police officers. Celebrate community helpers on holidays such as National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, National Doctors Day, National Nurses Week and Firefighter Appreciation Day with one of our kids occupation dress up masks. Let their imaginations run free with one of our made-to-order community helper costume felt masks today!

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