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Children’s Felt Sleep Masks

It’s hard to take a nap while the sun is still awake! Invest in these nap time eye masks for children to make napping more comfortable and fun. These soft felt masks are handcrafted and block light from outside sources for a pleasant sleep, any time of the day. These adorable children's eye masks for nap time are made of recycled felt, making these masks a good fit for the eco-conscious napper. Our variety of character and print masks are designed to be non-itchy so you and your child sleep like a princess (or prince!).

We stock a variety of classic and creative themes in large and small sizes. Our collection of felt sleep masks for adults and children creates a fashionable and fun naptime for everyone (even the folks at Pop Sugar think so!). Whether you’re trying to pass time with a nap on a plane or catching some beauty rest, these adult felt sleep masks are sure to be a hit wherever you show them off.

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