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Kindergarten Storytime Finger Puppets

Don’t think playtime is just for the kids! Use these adorable finger puppet sets in the classroom and at home to interact with your children. Our characters are so fun, you’ll want to use these finger puppets for teaching or telling stories! These felt toys are made with natural colors to avoid over-stimulating children so they can envision their own world. You may find yourself giving each character a voice or acting out different scenarios with our playtime finger puppet sets. Children will love the miniature world created through new and popular sets of characters while you’ll love how easy it is to be fun and creative.

Teachers can use these toys for multiple age groups. Our preschool finger puppet characters are a great way to tell stories in class, and kindergarten class finger puppets are great tools for teaching children who are visual or kinetic learners. By watching live characters perform, children will be able to better comprehend the lessons you offer. These finger puppets are one-size-fits-all to create a perfect fit for both kids and adults. This allows kids to try on a puppet and see the kind of character their imagination develops. You can order finger puppets individually to help children focus on a single character or receive a 5 percent discount when you purchase the entire set to create a tiny world!

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