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Coloring Pages & Crayon Holders Finger Puppets

Playtime Toys and Activities for Children

What do you get when you cross a set of finger puppets with a whimsical imagination? A fun playtime for everyone! Our selection of soft felt toys for small children is a safe and simple way for your child to interact and learn from their surroundings. Our toy collection is ideal for party favors, playtime activities or keeping children busy at wedding tables. These story time finger puppets and toys create a fun environment for children to explore their own creativity or to collaborate with others.

Between dolls, finger puppets and coloring activities, children will be stimulated without technology while learning about life. Each featured family story time puppets and toy is handmade with care and designed to be fun and calming for small children. We offer popular children’s heroes and custom characters to expand young minds. Use our safe toys to invite creativity into your child’s life. You’ll be amazed at how much fun the children in your life can have with our felt sets!

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